is that, in the long term, by losing less you win more.

Our experience in over 90 years of asset management




Global Balanced USD2.42-12.5121.269.211.729.457.167.842.783.695.60-7.4015.71-1.145.05
Global Balanced EUR2.42-12.5121.269.211.729.457.157.842.783.694.13-9.7412.00-2.944.26
US Income USD2.20-11.1214.6012.215.2113.764.637.56-0.936.769.49-6.2314.91-4.020.70
US Income EUR3.07-10.8915.1712.845.7314.325.208.05-0.487.299.71-6.8612.10-5.720.48

* Figures shown are based on backtesting the funds over a period of 20 years until the 15th March 2017 for the Global Balanced Fund and the 15th March 2018 for the US Income Fund. These performance figures reflect what a client would have received net of fees.

Within a global universe, funds try to select strategies that make the most of Market inefficiencies, principally concentrating on businesses and sectors that investors have overlooked.
With this approach, we attempt a double objective: to preserve capital and generate positive gains over time, independently of market conditions.
The key to success in the investment process is to control the risk in every moment instead of looking for the highest returns, avoiding being exposed to severe corrections from markets.

Investing well is defining objectives, planning strategies

and choosing the most appropriate product,

managing in the most efficient way


The investment objective of the funds is to achieve capital appreciation for the investor in medium term, with a focus on capital preservation. The funds attempt to achieve this objective by seeking investment strategies of the best managers with the principle of risk diversification, directly or indirectly, through worldwide investments, mainly in global equities, investment grade and high yield bonds and money market instruments among others.

The funds are managed by following a geographical and sectoral diversification, based on a dynamic investment methodology. Their flexible allocation permits mitigating capital fluctuations, whilst the best source of profit is searched for. The funds are ideal for investors that seek to maximize profit with a conservative approach and very low volatility.

The key of the investment strategy of our funds is the combination of selective multi-strategy and active liquidity management



 The team is made up of professionals that have been working as a team for over 15 years
and that collectively have over 90 years of experience in asset management.
With Swiss, Spanish and North American nationalities, different specialties, professional experiences and sources of information allows us to access to the best strategies and opportunities at any time.


A system of economic indicators developed by themselves over many years has allowed to put into practice a successful method of risk reduction during large falls in markets. In this way, they put into practice their slogan “Outperform by losing less” into practice.

The Alioth Funds are an investment vehicle designed to achieve

the objectives of a correct wealth planning.


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